Posted by: stillironic | December 2, 2009

Better to look good than to feel good

There are a number of things this Baby Boomer wants to do before she buys the farm. One of them is not making all the recipes in Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” aka MtAoFC. Or even some of them. I have nothing but admiration for Julie Powell, who completed this monumental feat, and blogged about it, in one year, while working full time at a punishing, bureaucratic job. But as I’m reading her original blog now—something I do to procrastinate establishing a much-needed second career—I’m flabbergasted by the copious amounts of butter and cream (and numbers of egg yolks) called for in what seems like every recipe! And if butter and cream don’t appear in the main part of the recipe, one or both of them are added at the end as a finish. I can almost feel my bad cholesterol spiking as I read about these dishes.

As a result, I’ve decided not to get MtAoFC as a Christmas present for my dear husband JK who’s a wonderfully imaginative cook. He’s expressed a desire for this cookbook, but he has heart “issues,” and should avoid butter and cream. And I pretty much stopped eating butter and cream 10 or so years ago (mostly as a way to keep my figure—remember Fernando’s immortal words, “it’s better to look good than to feel good”). Which means I wouldn’t want to eat butter and cream MtAoFC dishes even if JK prepared them—though I must admit to the sensory pleasure of writing those delectable words: butterrrr, careeeemm.

I’ve never given up chocolate, however. Just cut back. No more emergency peanut M & Ms in the glove box. No more double cream Oreos, which I used to consider a birthright. Now I’m pretty much consigned to hot chocolate or chocolate milk. I firmly believe they’re necessary for my health. There’s only so much plain milk I can choke down, especially now that I have to drink nonfat.

But enough about me. Tomorrow it’s Simon, Garfunkel, and me.


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