Posted by: stillironic | December 23, 2009

South of the Border University—9

A Probable Sociopath

Gregor agonized over how the university’s top three administrators could trust the likes of Roland Roscoe. A probable sociopath. Once Gregor had asked if he’d ever tortured or killed small animals. No small animals, he’d responded. But there was a cow he’d beaten to death. And two or three sheep. His memory was cloudy on the exact number.

The only good news was that Roscoe had little influence over the tenth-grade finance director. Only Izzard’s executive assistant had met the boy. Izzard was allowed phone contact with him. Scissors and Roscoe didn’t even know his name. Their access to him was limited to a Hotmail account. The bad news: it was becoming clear to everyone on campus that the finance director was top dog. Which explained why the local high school had just built a state-of-the-art football stadium, while the university still made do with a field flanked by two sets of rickety bleachers.

© 2009 by Virginia Gerhart


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