Posted by: stillironic | January 8, 2010

South of the Border University—14

The Devil Himself

Roscoe was now motioning for the football players to enter the field. When they reached the 20-yard line, they suddenly darted for the sidelines. Gregor heard Lily shout at him over the music: “What the hell’s going on? Izzard’s driving the ice floe!”

The truck was headed right for Roscoe. Gregor yelled for Roscoe to get off the field, but nothing could be heard over the music and the noise from the crowd.

Finally, Roscoe looked south. He appeared to freeze as he watched the ice floe close in on him. Even though he was closer to the east bleachers behind him, he ran forward, as if by instinct, toward the west bleachers. As Izzard adjusted course, spectators seated in the stands in Roscoe’s path scrambled toward safety. Just as Roscoe reached the stands, Izzard crashed into him. The impact of the ice floe, which left a large gash in the bleachers, knocked Roscoe onto his head.

Later some spectators would say that Izzard had looked like the devil himself.

© 2010 by Virginia Gerhart


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