Posted by: stillironic | January 14, 2010

Let Me Set the Record Straight—3

Out of Body

I want it said that in no way is the individual upon whom the main character is based jejune. She is, or rather I am, totally jejuneless. This character in fact, whom the Independent coyly dubbed an antiheroine, is less jejune—has fewer jejunes?? —than anyone else in the book.

Oh, I know novels are supposed to be lies, and the more lies they tell the more novel they are. But what I mean is that besides lacking even an iota of truth about the big stuff, Sitcom didn’t even get the nuances right. So why not make up everything? Jack Blechman—well, there I said it: I warned the editor of the Independent that it wasn’t going to be easy for me to say his name, but I have and let’s be thankful for it.

Well, the whole world needn’t be thankful, just the sliver of world wherein lives and breathes that small segment of the population of Shaddrach that hasn’t turned its collective back on me. They, or it—if you Grammar Girl wannabes must have your way—will heave a sigh of relief that I’ve gotten over the hump, so to speak, and can now begin to rebuild what many once said, when I was high school drill captain, was a life filled with promise, and most definitely not filled with what has come to feel like one endless out-of-body experience.

© 2010 by Virginia Gerhart


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