Posted by: stillironic | February 3, 2010

Driving like an escaped convict

It’s been more than a year since I stopped commuting on Interstate 95. Five days a week I drove from Baltimore to College Park, MD, and back. On most days now I don’t drive anywhere. This is a good thing. But it has affected what kind of driver I’ve become. I’m in danger of becoming a Q-tip.

Barreling down I-95 at 75 mph practically bumper to bumper for almost 12 years made me into a kind of über driver. If you can make the Balt-Wash run during rush hour, you can make it anywhere. But now that I’m no longer driving competitively—jockeying with other drivers for space on an overcrowded highway—I feel like I’ve lost my edge.

The upside of the commute from hell, I must say, outweighs the downside, apart from shrinking my carbon footprint. I no longer drive like an escaped convict. My car is no longer a gooey pigsty of toast crumbs, spilled lattes, and broken CD covers. As a night owl, I’m also no longer sleep deprived from having to get up at 5 freaking 30 a.m. everyday. Which means I no longer lapse into hypnotic states (or doze off) behind the wheel.

Don’t tell my husband, but sometimes I think it’s a miracle I never had an accident.



  1. I think I still have some of your crumbs in my car … and I’m sure you still have some of mine, too!


    • I sold my car last year so Jon could buy a van for his home repair/renovation business. I loved that car. We kept Jon’s Acura because it was a slightly newer model and had fewer miles.

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