Posted by: stillironic | February 5, 2010

Cooking = Exhaustion

When you’re a new cook, which I am kinda ‘cuz I stopped cooking for 20 years, the act of cooking is simply exhausting. I made soup last night. Three and a half hours of chopping and peeling and simmering. The use of 3 large pots—the third one due to a miscalculation, resulting in the precarious pouring of hot ingredients from one pot into another.

Add to this dragging around and climbing onto a stepping stool to lift heavy pots from a pot rack mostly beyond my reach. Not easy for a short person—I’m 5’2”, having shrunk from almost 5’3”; no, I don’t have osteoporosis and yes, I gain back some height when I take a yoga class. Then tackling the new mandolin/finger slicer to slice onions and julienne potatoes. Standing for 3 hours is no picnic either. At least I didn’t need the 2-ton mixer from the bottom cabinet.

And in the midst of all this was the jockeying back and forth with my nemesis the stove over the size of the friggin’ flame. It (the stove) refuses to burn low enough for a slow simmer, no doubt out of spite. So often without my knowing it the flame goes out. And when the flame is too high, the pot boils over while I’m preparing another step in the recipe. I’m not yet skilled enough to multitask.

Last but not least, my sweetie, who I rely on for final seasoning, wasn’t available during the window of opportunity I gave him before serving the meal. While we were eating, he commented that the soup needed more seasoning. Some thyme, perhaps, or basil. And some cream sherry. Well, I’d thought about the sherry, but we were out. I knew because I’d swigged the last of it the night before. TOO LATE and TOO TIRED, I said. Besides, I thought the flavor was just fine.

© 2010 by Virginia Gerhart


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