Posted by: stillironic | April 7, 2010

Diners and Dives


  1. […] Luckily, I was able to find a support group for those of us living with hotel karma challenges. My group assures me that my horrid hotel experiences are at least earning me good karma points for a future life, be it mine or someone else’s. I wish I could draw comfort from this knowledge, but I can’t. What if that someone else is someone I despise: my nasty second grade teacher, for instance, or that polyester guy in Columbus, Ohio, who undertipped me when I was a waitress. […]

  2. You remind me of my one two-week experience as a waitress. I smiled a lot and spilled a lot of things on customers. In spite of that, my tips were good (the smiling helped, and people probably thought I was on some kind of work-training assignment from a local institution for the mentally challenged), but one party of 10 stiffed me. For a long time I wished I had little dolls to stick pins in.

    • A friend who started waitressing was trying to open a bottle of wine with a waiter’s corkscrew. While she was cutting the cork seal with the knife attachment, she sliced her finger. She was so flustered that she continued to open the bottle and poured the wine, her finger dripping blood.

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