Posted by: stillironic | April 13, 2010

Sex and the City x 5

I’m watching “Sex and the City” start to finish for the fifth time. I play the series, which I have on tape and DVD, during recoveries. Times one and two were recoveries from hip surgeries. This time recovery is from a bad economy with some wrist surgery thrown in. Times three and four were like booster shots I felt I needed. The time I watched the episodes with commentary, that was purely educational.

“I don’t like ‘Sex and the City,’” some friends have said. I never ask why. Thing is I don’t care. I don’t get it, but I don’t care. That’s how secure I am in my relationship with Carrie, Miranda, et al. And no, I don’t think they’re really my friends. Not even my imaginary friends (all of whom ADORE “Sex and the City”).

The reason for my devotion isn’t just because of the stunning clothes—with the exception of that ballerina outfit and the duck skirt with the ruffles. And it isn’t just because of the varied and sophisticated characters, though it might have been fun to see Samantha pick up a serial killer and then fuck him to death. It isn’t because of the clever, snappy dialogue. Or even all the sex. It’s the city. Just like Samantha gets swoony over a perfect dick, I get swoony over a perfect New York.

In perfect New York you never have to take the subway to Brooklyn. In perfect New York you don’t live in Brooklyn. In perfect New York, the streets sparkle and you live on a leafy block with no traffic. If you need transportation, a limo magically appears. In perfect New York you dine out with friends and store your sweaters in the oven. In perfect New York health problems are easily solved; death only happens to relatives you never see. In perfect New York you’re your most gorgeous self and all your friends are gorgeous, too.

If you go anywhere, it’s to perfect LA or Paris, never to imperfect New Jersey or Queens. You’re never seen wearing the same outfit twice. You spend thousands on shoes regardless of your bank balance. Need money? There are friends with diamond rings for the lending. Need a friend? Three are only a phone call away.

In perfect New York life is fabulous.




  1. BRAVO! Your best yet!!!

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