Posted by: stillironic | June 17, 2010

Four Things About SATC2 That Didn’t Work for Me

This is a time of grave national problems here and abroad. That’s why I find it necessary to comment on an important cultural issue: four things about “Sex and the City 2” that didn’t work for me.

1. The big deal Miranda and Charlotte made about the difficulty of motherhood. Yes, motherhood—parenthood in general—is tough and requires lots of sacrifices. But for godsake, both of them have full-time help.

2. Charlotte’s meltdown when her daughter got red icing or filling on her vintage white skirt when they were baking. WTF? Who wears designer clothes—in white, no less—while baking with food coloring, with or without small children in tow?

3. Speaking of clothes, the wardrobe mistress must’ve been on amphetamines. There were too many changes of clothes. Who has time to actually accomplish something in life when you’re spending half your time changing outfits. I’ve always loved the clothes, don’t get me wrong. Clothes, and shoes, were like a fifth main character in the HBO series. But in this movie, clothes were miscast as lead role.

4. Carrie and Big’s apartment. It actually gave me the creeps, it so lacked warmth and natural light. I mean the apartment was beautifully decorated. But too perfectly. It didn’t reflect the personality of someone with high spirits who’s also funny and fun loving. It needed the decorative equivalent of a Carrie necklace. The living room, especially, had the stiffness of a room in a shelter magazine. You couldn’t live in that room. One thing out of place—one person from Staten Island, or New Jersey, sitting on the sofa—and the fabric would start unraveling. The whole place would come tumbling down.

Anyone else have an opinion about these truly important matters?

BTW, I didn’t agree with my mother-in-law that Sarah Jessica Parker looked old and should have worn more make-up. That’s just wrong.



  1. I agree on all of these, but there was that scene where Charlotte and Miranda get drunk and acknowledge that they’re lucky to have help and toast to all the women who do the motherhood thing without what they have.

    The clothes were God-awful. How could Cynthia Nixon allow herself to be put in a circus tent with matching hat in that desert scene.

    The apartment looked like a cave.

    And it’s supposed to be Sex and the CITY. Where the hell was the city?

    Yes, the movie was a total piece of crap — and yet I laughed — out loud — several times. Samantha saved the movie for me.

    • Jayne, Took a week off from all things computer. It was blissful.

      Yes, I laughed, too. But did miss the city. I’m a New York junkie, having lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn in my younger days (so I only remember the good stuff. And when it’s good, it’s very, very good).

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