Posted by: stillironic | October 4, 2016

Notes from my alter ego…

Such a crazy election year. Can’t wait till it’s over. Then I can get off the Xanax and go back to my regular life. Now I can’t watch TV in case the Donald comes on, which makes me want to kill myself. Or kill somebody. Preferably him. But I don’t want to serve time. And as they say: if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. A heavy burden when the only thing keeping the Donald alive is my cowardice. But, hey, life isn’t really “Orange Is the New Black,” and I’m not the adorable Taylor Schilling. I’m more Frankie from “Grace and Frankie,” without the house in Malibu or the lube or Jack McCoy from “Law and Order” as an ex who’s morphed into the gay husband of President Bartlett from “West Wing.” Who knew we could have a gay president? But I do have better hair than Frankie. The woman needs conditioner, stat.


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