I’m using my MBA and love of humor writing to explore finance and the U.S. economy. Both are hilarious topics unless you have to earn a living.

My other loves, besides husband and grown son who lives in Hawaii, are traveling and taking care of my 17-year-old super senior of a dog. Though Baltimore, MD, has been my home for the past 20 years, I’ve yet to bond with it. Maybe having to commute south to College Park and working for some pretty abusive f*uckheads for almost 12 years is a factor. (My, that was refreshing.) Watching “The Wire” now, on DVD, is not helping.

I grew up in western PA in a town called Gibsonia and had to attend, on pain of burning in hell, the worst Catholic Church on earth that didn’t have a pedophile for a priest. (That was refreshing, as well.) I’ve also lived in New York City (Manhattan & Brooklyn), Columbus, OH, and Pittsburgh, PA. New York is another love of my life, and I met some of my best friends, and lovers, in Columbus. Pittsburgh is a pretty cool place even if it is home to the worst team in baseball.

I’ve worked for businesses large and small—CBS News, The New York Times, Simon & Schuster, and a family-owned real estate company. I’ve also worked for a not-for-profit organization and a state university that claims to support telecommuting but does not. I have a great affinity for the ocean, love to swim and sail, and believe I was a mermaid in a former life. (My husband says I was more likely a squid. But squids can be quite adorable.)



  1. Looking forward to reading more of your writing. Was the man in the polyester suit in Columbus, Jeff???!! Love to see you sometime. Your blog is an inspiration to me as I try to write more and more.

    • Hey, how lovely to hear from you! Poly suit guy isn’t Jeff!! (I don’t remember Jeff wearing polyester, actually. You wouldn’t have married a guy who wore polyester business suits, would you?) I don’t know who the real guy was. He was kind of weasely looking is all I remember. Would love to see you, too. I have to go to Cleveland June 5. If you’re free around then maybe I could pop down to Columbus?

  2. I’m enjoying Still Ironic! Where in Ireland was the picture taken?

    • Hello Citizen K,

      I’m so happy you’re enjoying my blog!

      I thought the photo, titled “Ocean Mist,” was of Ireland, too (& thought it appropriate cuz I’m a quarter Irish). But just checked and apparently it’s from the isle of São Jorge, Azores, Portugal. Glad you asked; now we both know.


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